Running in Puerto Varas

Runaway Train Run

Always wanted to race a train? You will never get closer than in Puerto Varas. Luckily the trains are not running anymore and you have a perfect path for your workout. The path is mostly in good conditions, only at the beginning you will have mostly stones. You can run all the way to Llanquihue which is approximately 6km one way. (from the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Varas)

Lakeside Run

The Puerto Varas Classic. Lace up your shoes from the center of town and head east along the lake. Enjoy the beautiful view of the two Volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco. Most likely you will meet a lot of other runners as well as cyclists. In the Summer months of January/February the sidewalk gets crowded so we recommend to go early or late. 

Cerro Philippi Run

You need to get ready for your next Trail Run? Then Cerro Philippi is your mission for today, a small park in the very center of Puerto Varas. You can do several uphill sessions on this short section. On the top you have a beautiful view over Puerto Varas. Alternatively combine it with one of the other runs.