El Solitario

To get on this trek simply take a Bus to Petrohue and ask the Bus driver that you would like to be dropped off at "El Solitario". The hike starts through a forest of native trees like the Coigüe - a Beautiful evergreen tree that grows fast and can reach a height of 40 m. You will slowly be climbing towards the Volcan Osorno and later you will reach a field of sand. This is where some of the ashes of the last eruption of its neighboring Volcano Calbuco landed. You will then eventually merge on to the street that leads to the Osorno Ski Center - continue all the way up or make your way down back to the bus stop

Starting- and end point: 1km before Saltos de Petrohue (last bus at 6pm)

Distance: 6km (return)

Duration: between 3 and 4 hours