About us

Gravel Travel offers top-quality bikes for rent with a special focus on bike touring. We also rent camping gear to enjoy the beauty of the Chilean South.

Moritz is the founder of Gravel Travel - discovered the world while cycling through Canada and later Chile! After living in Chile for the first time in 2011 Moritz came back in 2017 to install Casa Suiza - a Hostel in the Chilean Wine Region of Colchagua.

A few years and many bike kilometers later the idea of Gravel Travel was born. Our mission is to provide you with the best service in this beautiful corner of the world.

During the last years Moritz has completed several bikepacking trips including:

Canada West to East ∼ 9500 KM

Chile North to South ∼ 5000 KM

Berne to North Cape ∼ 5000 KM

Bucalemu to B. Aires ∼ 1650 KM

Tour of Great Britain ∼ 2500 KM