Bikepacking pack list


Well, here we are, after the last trip ended with a surprise of not bringing my inflatable sleeping pad let's look into the preparation of a bikepacking trip. Especially the rugged terrain of Patagonia requires a proper preparation for a cycling trip. So before you hop on your gravel bike let's look at a few things to consider.


Is weight important? Absolutely. When you will be climbing the switchbacks in the Queulat National Park you want to be sure not to carry too much weight on your bike. However, you do not need to weigh every single item, use common sense and of course - the lighter the materials of outdoor gear, the more expensive.

Sustainability – leave no trace

Yes, bikepacking is probably one of the most sustainable and eco-friendliest ways to travel. However, it is only if we respect certain rules. While planning your trip make sure to buy things that are biodegradable when in the wild and always carry your garbage with you. "Pachamama" – mother earth will be thankful!

Where to start?

To organize all my things that I will need for the trip, I like to put my cycling and camping gear into a few categories: Camping Gear, Clothes, Electronics and Food. These categories will also help you to pack your panniers and keep things organized.

Camping gear

The bulkiest items are without a doubt your tent, sleeping bag and camping mattress. Choose a tent that is light but at the same time gives you enough space to store bags and yes for the Carretera Austral you will need a waterproof tent.

  • Sleeping Bag: check the temperature recommendations for the season you will be traveling.
  • Add a sleeping liner for extra warmth.
  • Sleeping Pad: I have recently switched from an inflatable sleeping pad to a foam camping mat. Yes, the foam version is bulkier and more difficult to transport but I find them overall more reliable (inflatable sleeping pads risk to get holes and deflate easier)
  • Cooking gear: You will need a camping stove, gas, a pot, a camping mug, cutlery, plates (if you travel with other people) ;) and a rag for cleaning. And don't forget your lighter!
  • Additional Camping Gear: I also recommend bringing any kind of big plastic bag or a tarp to have a dry area if it is humid or raining. Bring spare zip ties and adhesive tape for small repairs on bike or tent.


Probably the biggest category especially when it comes to the number of items. No need to mention t-shirts, socks underwear and workout clothes but a few things are a must.

  • Padded cycling shorts
  • Cycling jersey: The biggest advantage of a cycling jersey are the pockets you have in the back to store food and other items that need quick access.
  • Shoes: Bring your cycling shoes if you have, sandals and a pair of normal shoes for the time that you do not cycle
  • Convertible pants: shorts for the heat – pants for the cold!
  • Rain pants and rain jacket
  • Cycling Cap

Clothes Accessories

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cycling gloves
  • Helmet
  • Dry bags: To store, keep dry and organize your clothes
  • Toiletries: include lightweight towel and a biodegradable soap
  • First aid kit
  • Physical map: Just in case you run out of battery
  • Swiss army knife
  • Complete bike repair kit including pump


  • Phone
  • GPS or phone with handlebar mount
  • Power Bank(s)
  • Camera, drone, Gopro or other
  • Headlamp
  • Charging cables
  • Lights


A few more things that could be useful depending on your route. When cycling the Carretera Austral we definitively recommend a chain repair tool, since there is not too many bike shops.

  • Chain repair tool
  • Spare tire
  • Mosquito repellent, tick repellent (particularly in Europe)
  • Coffee maker: bring your moka express to have the best start into the day!


Make sure to plan in space for food on the road unless you want to eat out every day I recommend designating one smaller bag for the food. Also bring a few items to upgrade your kitchen.

  • Spices
  • Small container of oil
  • Tea/coffee
  • Oats
  • Energy bars
  • Emergency pasta: if there is no restaurant or store close you can just eat your pasta

Cycling in Chile can be a Challenge, but with the items above you should be more than ready for your adventure in Patagonia or anywhere else in the world! Let's travel by gravel!