Welcome to Puerto Varas, a picturesque town located in the stunning Lake District of Chile. The perfect place to bike and explore the outdoors. And yes there are volcanoes!

Cycling enthusiasts will find an extensive network of well-maintained cycling paths and trails that wind through lush forests, meander along the lake shores, and venture into the surrounding hills. Our goal is to give you the best experience while staying in Puerto Varas - Chile.

Check out our bicycles for hire below as well as our camping gear.

Gravel Bike Rental

You love both gravel and paved roads? Time to hit the road on a gravel bike!

Mountain Bike Rental

You love backroads and hidden gems? Rent one of our mountain bikes

Camping Gear Rental

You want more and explore the outdoors? We got you covered, check out our camping section!

E-Bike Rental

You like to bike but don't like to sweat that much? Rent one of our e-bikes!

Road Bike Rental

You would like to ride like those guys from the Tour de France? Well then rent a road bike!

Bike Accessory Rental

You are planning to ride for several days? No worries we have panniers and much more!

And much more

We love cycling but we also love the outdoors and we like to give you the best experience while visiting Chile.


You don't speak Spanish? No need to vanish!

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